Sunday, March 13, 2011

My kingdom for a… book review template

Credit to MarkHan struggle to review.

On the surface, it seems a pretty dumb problem. I read. I write. Logically, I should be able to write about what I’ve read. Right?

Logic is intermittent  in the rooneyverse.

When I’m reading a good book, I get caught up in the moment, the pain of the heroes, the fiendishness of the villain. I get to the last page and am giddy with the wonder that accompanies things like magic and finding something new.

But I couldn’t honestly tell you what I loved or learned from the book. My thoughts coalesce into nerve-sparks like “OMG just frikkin’ wow” or *mope* “Why can’t I write like that?” or “Oooh, is there a sequel yet!?” (Actually, this last one isn’t that bad a question – I’m budget conscious and rarely read new releases, unless the publishers are nice enough not to set a regional restriction on books in the Amazon Kindle store. More on that anon.)

It’s far easier for me to concentrate on the characters, plot and writing of a book I’m not enjoying. That’s great if I were a beta reader, but hardly helpful when I want to share story love with others.

Thankfully, other readers have paved the way for me, and so I point you to:
I was googling this morning, looking for standard book review templates (see the multitude of failed ones I’ve created) when I stumbled upon this great site that also gives blogging tips and other helpful articles, and yes, that includes handy advice on how to review.
What are your tried and tested review methods?


  1. ha ha, I found that same site a while back. She has a lot of good stuff!

    Do you accept submissions of books to review? Sorry if you already have the info somewhere, but I didn't see it.

  2. Not to worry. I don't have that information on my site because no one has ever requested that I read their book for review :)

    I usually read and give notes to my friends before they release it into the wilds.

    But feel free to link me to your book and I'll keep it in mind for my next round of purchases! Thanks :)